Alternative Sources of Information

  • Colorlines Magazine
    The NationÕs leading magazine on race, culture and organizing.
  • Z Net
    A website full of articles, essays and many avenues for research.
  • Adbusters
    They have various campaigns as well as a magazine all aimed at toppling the commercial structure as it currently exists.
  • Bamboo Girl
    An amazing Ôzine done by Sabrina Margarita.
  • Hip Mama
    A magazine focused on mothers and survival.Ê Warning: maybe presenting different versions of motherhood than youÕre used to.
  • Paper Tiger
    Smashing the myths of the information industry.
  • AWOL Magazine
    Showcasing political hip hop, spoken word, graphic art and poetry addressing militarism in America.
  • AK Press
    A workerÕs owned collective with the goal of making available radical books and other materials published independently.
  • Third World Newsreel
    Committed to the creation and appreciation of independent and social issue media by and about people of color, and the people of developing countries around the world.
  • Wiretap
    Youth in pursuit of the dirty truth.
  • Free Radical
    A chronicle of the new unrest.
  • Indymedia
    Check to see if thereÕs one near you.
  • A-Infos Radio Project
    Listen to radio on a range of issues.
  • Peoples Video Network
    A group of media activists with more than 50 public access shows across the United States and hundred of videos documenting the struggle.
  • We Interrupt this Message
    Interrupting media stereotypes.
  • Democracy Now!
    A radio show that broadcasts on the Pacifica network and a few other places.Ê As the host Amy Goodman often says, Òthe exception to the rulersÓ
  • New California Media
    An association of over 400 print, broadcast and online ethnic media organizations.Ê One of their goals is to raise the visibility of ethnic media as a major source for CaliforniaÕs 17 million ethnic residents.