Sol & Soul is a Washington, DC-based arts organization that acts as an incubator for established and emerging artists of conscience. We do this by bringing together artists from various disciplines with activists, community organizations, schools, and other individuals from a wide range of cultural/class/age backgrounds to createproduce, and present creative works with a social conscience.

Our organization’s philosophy is reflected in our name: “Sol” (Spanish for sun) and “Soul” are the external and internal sources of creativity that, when nurtured, nourish our individual and collective lives.

Our name is also a reflection of the diversity of our members and our shared values of expression, dissentpluralismspiritualityfellowship, and dialogue. Sol & Soul creates spaces where artists and audiences alike feel comfortable crossing “identity” borders to affirm our common humanity. Sol & Soul uses the arts as its primary vehicle for dialogue and action because we believe that the creative process profoundly transforms individual lives, creates community, and helps build a more just society.