How you can live by its own garden

It may be surprising, but the global economic climate is not the only reason for the recent increase in our collective desire to build our own fruits and vegetables and harvest. Allotments are also an excellent opportunity to escape from an increasingly digital world, and allow us to resume a connection with the natural order of the world. A private garden therefore has a very positive impact on individual well-being, and offers an excellent aid in the search for a healthier way of life. What follows are some key points that will help you to start your own garden plot.

The place

The first (and most important) decision is, where your garden is to be built. To do this you must choose also what size he should have. For those of us that in cities live, typically land by individuals or official whose allotment plots are rented. Decide you want to be as close to your home, your parcel is to be as accessible, and resolve the issue where the water comes from advance. But even more important is of course what you want to plant. You must ensure that there is enough space for your needs. Root vegetables such as potatoes need more space than climbers such as tomatoes and beans.


If you’re lucky, your parcel is weed-free. However, if it’s a parcel of land that until recently is not been maintained then it is likely that you need to annoy around with some of the usual suspects such as grass, nettles, Brambles and some other wrong-doers such as thistle, bindweed and elderberry. Later you will reap will depend how you advance with your weed deal. If you decide to dig up the whole garden, do so in sections and cover carefully sections dug around before finally planting a. If there are relatively little visible weeds at the surface, simply by hand before the trench to eliminate the worst, otherwise it breaks through again after two days.

Garden tools

It should be not long before you ask yourself what you need now for garden equipment and power tools. If you have a particularly bad ground (or extreme weeds) may require a Rotator or (for weeds) a string trimmer. If you’re lucky, you can rent garden tools from a neighbor maybe; sometimes, there is even a municipal tool shed. This is not the case you will be undoubtedly able to rent urgently needed tool but if you have a larger parcel of land and long term thinking, it will be easier to purchase in their own tool.


Now you must decide how you want to use the room only. Traditional plots are simply organized in beds, four or five meters wide, with roads on both sides to allow easy access. After the harvest it is recommended to cover the beds over the winter. But what you also want to grow: plan them always rotating crops because that will keep your floor in top shape in a natural way (and in the long run).